Philippine Bible Society

What is the Philippine Bible Society?

The Philippine Bible Society is a non-profit, non-stock and inter-confessional Christian organization that exists to provide people with Scriptures in the language they understand, in formats they prefer, and at prices they can afford.

PBS is an affiliate of the United Bible Societies, a society of more than 145 Bible Societies operating in 200 countries and territories worldwide. These Bible Societies assist in faithful translation of Scriptures as well as provide assistance to other national Bible Societies. The Bible Societies are often the only source of supply for people who could not otherwise afford the Scriptures, or who live in places far from commercial outlets.

How does PBS achieve its purpose?

PBS achieves its purpose through its five-fold ministry: translation, production, distribution, promotion of the Holy Scriptures and fundraising. In carrying out its five-fold ministry, PBS works closely with Churches and Church-related organizations and individuals. In translation work, PBS works with pool of specialists in Biblical studies and linguistics. In production, it has a string of printer partners. In distributing the Scriptures, PBS maintains a close relationship with distribution partners such as the Philippine Christian Bookstore (PCBS), Catholic Trade and National Bookstore among others. Promotion of the Scriptures involves strategic alliances with churches, organizations, and media. In fundraising we build relationships with donors and partners for generating needed resources.

All these tasks may be summed up in one word—partnerships. PBS achieves its purposes through partnerships with translation specialists, printers, booksellers, churches, individual members, government entities and colleagues across the seas.

What Scriptures does PBS produce?

The Philippine Bible Society strives to make God’s Word available to all audiences. Through PBS’ endeavors, the Holy Scriptures are now available in the eight major Philippine languages, namely, Bicol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Ilokano, Pampango, Pangasinan, Tagalog and Samarenyo. These translations are available both in Protestant and Catholic editions. There are also Scriptures formatted to suit serious Bible readers (diglot Bibles and scholarly Bible editions), for young people (student Bibles), and children (Children’s Bible and Scripture comics). PBS likewise makes the Scriptures available for the visually impaired and other audiences.

Are Scriptures given free or sold?

Yes and No.

The Bible Society believes that if the Scriptures are to be fully appreciated some investment should be made into their purchase based on the need and the ability to pay. On various occasions, Scriptures are given free to selected audiences: displaced families, disadvantaged groups and those whose income leave little or nothing for spiritual “food.” In times of calamity, PBS partners with groups conductiong relief operations for free Scripture distribution. Over the past years, PBS has donated Scriptures to numerous typhoon and flood victims. PBS also conducts free distribution activities during special events such as the National Bible Week in January and the World Day of Prayer in May. Recipients include those in government service, hospital patients, as well as organizations with special ministries for street children, disabled, unwed mothers and prisoners.

How does PBS work with churches?

PBS recognizes that the Church is the primary agent of God’s mission in the world. As partners, PBS serves the churches by looking into their Scripture needs while exploring ways to help people interact with the Scriptures. Churches partner with PBS by providing avenues for Scripture distribution through Bible displays during anniversaries, conferences, camps or such other activities. They also help in directly distributing the Scriptures by purchasing in bulk for their evangelism programs. Churches also request for special prints to commemorate major events such as golder or centennial anniversaries. PBS also provides other Scripture forms for distribution such as the Daily Bible Reading Guide and Selections (tracts) of various titles. PBS has developed special distribution schemes for churches buying these in large quantities. But more importantly, the Bible Society conducts visits and consultations among ministerial fellowships and attends conferences seeking ways to meet Scripture needs and forge better partnerships.

Where does PBS get its resources?

PBS continues its work as a non-stock, non-profit organization through the financial and prayer support of faithful supporters, and sale of Scripture products. These are individual members, donors, organizations and churches of different confessional backgrounds who believe in the Bible Cause.

Where do PBS funds go?

PBS policy mandates that all funds raised are directed back into the Scripture program through programs like Bibles for the Poor, Bibles for Men and Women in Uniform, and other Scripture distribution programs. Generally, funds are used to subsidize production costs.

Who oversees the work of PBS?

The thrust and direction of the Bible Society is set by the Board of Trustees composed of elected representatives from the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, Roman Catholic Church, and Independent Churches.

How can I help PBS help people?

PBS helps people engage the powerful message of the Holy Scriptures. You can help by being a supporting member of PBS, by regularly remembering in your prayers, by helping distribute PBS Scriptures, and by enabling Bible Work through your financial gifts.


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  1. good day…i am amor macaraig from batangas city…may i ask if i can be a member of your org wherein i can buy bibles at low prices? i am a handmaid of the lord who is one of the prayer warriors in our office and we always give bibles to the needy…if we can buy in volumes, say 1 box w 20 pcs. of bibles..can we get it at the lowest price you could offer?

    • Ma’am, kung may katanungan po kayo tungkol sa pag-order ng Bibles eto po….

      If you have any inquiries regarding our organization, products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact or email us at Or visit our Offices/BibleHouses located at:

      UN BibleHouse

      890 United Nations Avenue
      Ermita, 1000 Manila, Philippines
      Tel. #: (63.2) 526-7777
      Fax #: (63.2) 521-5788

      Sta. Mesa BibleHouse

      3961 Ramon Magsaysay Blvd.
      Sta. Mesa, 1016 Manila, Philippines
      Tel. #: (63.2) 714-2424
      Fax #: (63.2) 713-7058

      Dau, Pampanga

      Jose & Paula Bldg.
      224 Mac Arthur Hi-way Dau,
      Mabalacat, Pampanga
      Tel: (045) 6240310

      Cebu BibleHouse / Regional Auxiliary Bible Office

      #17 D. Jakosalem Street
      Brgy. Sto. Niño, Cebu City
      Tel. #: (032) 254-5571
      Fax #: (032) 254-7298


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