2 comments on “Mensahe ng isang Reader (JC)

  1. Matagal na akong nagbabasa ng blog mo. I find your points really enligthening. Pari na ako pero ang dami ko pa ring natutunan sa mga sinasabi mo, Kapatid na Berto. I just would like to comment on the way people “fight” about religion. Naka lungkot lang na may mga taong nabubuhay sa pamamagutan ng paninira at pakikipag-talo tungkol sa pananampalataya. You are right in your responses to the points enumerated above. May mga tao lang talagang ayaw patalo. If we woul only realize who is real “enemy” in this world, people (Chrsitians) would not waste time fighting about Christianity. In a place where I am now, our real “enemy” is consumerism and secularism. People here don’t anymore consider that there’s God. People don’t go to church. They live their lives as if, everybody depends on science and technology. God does not matter, because in the first place, they don’t think that God exists. My point is, Bakit tayo magkakagulo? Iisa lang naman ang nasa isip natin – si Kristo. Hayaan mo na lang ang nangugulo at nalalabuan. No enough explanation suffices to a person who doesn’t listen.

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