4 comments on “Apolohetika (Bro. Marco Evangelista, Tatang Larry Mallari feat. Bro. Marwil Llasos)

  1. Mr Evangelista and Mr Mallari,

    Dacal pung salamat qng apologetic program qng DZRV. Continue the efforts for the Jesus!

    Let us all pray for these 2 brave souls who explain the Faith that the Apostles handed down to us through the ministry of the Church.

    To all Readers of this Blog
    Beware of some misled bloggers like
    1. Lou Gumm-77
    2. jpeter262

    These guys are infiltrating all COMMENTs section of newspaper articles (that discusses the Church or the Clergies), to discredit and destroy the Church that Christ founded on Peter.

    Try reading the Comments Section of the INQUIRER website under the following articles below, and look for those blogger names — so you can be aware of these fake prophets who hide under the skirt of Biblical pick-up lines to pretend authority, but are expert in running away when confronted.


    2. Stand up for right, bishops exhorted

    3. Clergy welcomes Sona ‘simplicity’

    4. Palace: Church has right to protest

    Be careful lest you be deceived by these wolves in sheep’s clothings!

    Praised be Jesus Christ!
    Praised to Him Forever!

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