20 comments on “Maria: Ina ng Diyos

  1. Hay naku, last week, I was debating online with some Evangelical apologists regarding this. I was explaining and defending the propriety of Mary’s title “Theotokos” as conferred by the Council of Ephesus. Hindi nila matanggap! Hirap na hirap sila dahil sa sobrang takot nila sa pagbigay ng labis na dangal kay Maria.

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  3. In Luke 1:47, Mary calls God her “Savior.” Savior from what? A sinless person does not need a Savior. Sinners need a Savior. Mary acknowledged that God was her Savior. Therefore, Mary acknowledged that she was a sinner. (gotquestions.org) she is indeed blessed but she is still a sinner… we are all sinners, but God can still bless us

    • God saved Mary from sin through preventive redemption. By acknowledging that God is her savior does not necessarily mean that she is also a sinner. God can save a person from sinning even before he or she commits that sin, and He did that to Mary for the sake of Jesus.

      Your view of God being a savior is limited only to those who have already committed sin. But we see God as our savior not only in a sense of saving us from sins already committed but also in a sense of saving Mary from sinning.

      In both cases, God remains the savior.

    • It happens to all of us. Even to you. There are instances that we are tempted to commit sin. But because of God’s grace, we can avoid that sin. And by that, we are saved by God. We do not have to commit sin before he save us.

      In the case of the Blessed Virgin Mary, He saved her from sin not for her own sake but for the sake of Jesus, her Son, who is holy. And I don’t see any problem with that.

    • yes, that happens to me also but i still fall and commit sin..but you have to answer me… namedrop/pinpoint one who “was about to dig into into SIN” but did not sin in all his life as in since he/she was born.. aside from Mary?

    • Mary was born Immaculate. i would like to invite you to read Catechism of the Catholic Church. the explanation is there. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

  4. one question. are you worshipping the CREATOR (GOD) or His Creation (Mary)?
    we can “respect” her, but the true Child Of God will not worship her…

    • Of course, Catholics do not worship Mary. The Church doe not even teach us to do so.

      By asking such question means you have an idea that we worship Mary and we sugar-coat it with “respect”. Why do you think so?

  5. i can’t comment on the other page so i’ll say it here.. you quoted “Lord, who may abide in your tent? Who may dwell on you holy mountain? Who disdains the the wicked, BUT HONOR THOSE WHO FEAR THE LORD.” (Psalm 15:1,4)

    I challenge you, honour also those who are ALIVE but does the WILL OF THE LORD.. They are to be honoured, but they should not replace the ROLE of God in their lives.. if you say that the POPE deserves honour and praise, and i’ll ask you.. with a finite mind that a human has, is that your judgment? can you pinpoint/ namedrop other people who are HONORING the Lord but is not popular and not seen by our human eyes, then they also deserve a parade, will you also kiss him for “Blessings”.. contact me.. 09175133321

    • We are not required to ask for their intercession. It isn’t a requirement.

      God is still God whether you ask for their intercession or not.

  6. who exactly said to appoint a saint for a specific need? pls tell me the deers.. who, when,how,where.. pls picture me in a soft voice.. i’m not angry.. i’m just sharing Christ

    • Typical protestant/born-again/ignorance of Catholic practices. They asking questions but would not even be satisfied with the answers. The close-mindedness, ignorance, and arrogance of born-agains/protestants/evangelicals made them unable to understand Catholic explanation.

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